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Who we are

By Wind is a recent of two of Sweden's largest and most reputable printing companies: Göteborgstryckeriet in Mölndal and DanagårdLitho in Ödeshög. It is not enough to be the Nordic's top quality printing company. Not even to be the Nordics' most sustainable printing company. You need to be both. At the same time.

Our business areas range from Art Printing and Commercial Printing to Architecture Printing.

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Art Printing

When you need to print a photo book, art book or any other printed item with really high quality requirements, we help you. We have specialist expertise in retouching and image processing and have over the years worked closely with reputable photographers and designers. As one of Sweden's most recognized book producers, we have the know-how and equipment to do your pictures full justice. This is Art Printing By Wind.

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Commercial Printing

The company's printed matter may include, among other things, brochures, catalogues, annual reports or shorter digitally printed series. We print with high quality and great care. A perfect print nurtures your brand. We work with several different printing and screen technologies to optimize each individual production. With us you can print with H-UV L (LED), conventional offset, Inkjet (water-based) and modern HP Indigo technology. Which technique you choose depends mainly on the size of the edition and questions about finances and time factors. Ask us for advice - also about which solution will be the most climate-smart. To ensure the quality of the entire production, we have our own bookbinding department that covers the most commonly used products. It gives us control along the entire chain. This is Commercial Printing By Wind.

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Architecture Printing

We are specialists in producing furnishings and decorations and make it as easy as possible possible for interior designers and decorators to create new sustainable environments. Renovating or making new interior design is easy with modern graphic technology. Digital color control and high quality materials and colors guarantee an excellent result. Print motifs directly on a furniture cover, tiles, wooden or acoustic panels. Decorate a glass surface with film, something artistic or with a practical function. Change the space of a room with backlit textile walls and ceilings. We also print large images that convey great experiences. For example facade images, banners, stock walls and store signage. You also get help with displays for events, press conferences, sales activities, fairs or any other marketing activity. This is Architecture Printing by Wind.

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