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Climate-smart printing – powered By Wind

Sustainable growth – powered By Wind

By Wind’s operations are based on renewable and recyclable resources. This way we contribute to sustainable growth in society together with our customers and suppliers.

Wind power is a central part of our commitment to sustainability. As early as 1994, we invested in wind power, and in 2018 we became the first printer in Sweden using origin-labeled electricity from our own wind turbines.

Through wind power, we have already reached an important goal: 100% of our energy consumption is renewable and fossil free. In addition, our wind turbines make a significant contribution to society’s energy supply – since they produce 29.7 GWh, of which we ourselves use only 2 GWh.

Brand your printed matter with our logo, produced with 100% origin-labeled renewable electricity – and show that you are making a difference.


The connection between quality-assured production and low environmental impact is becoming increasingly clear to more and more companies.

The environmental requirements of customers and authorities can vary considerably but the overall trend is plain to see. The offer of sustainable production is becoming a prerequisite for the ability to compete with credibility on the market.

Paper makes up a substantial part of the material we use in production within our various business areas and we continuously follow up, analyze, and reduce usage, and actively handle paper waste. Whenever possible, we produce when the need arises, so called print-on-demand, which reduces the risk of excess amounts that have to be thrown away. By Wind has several environmental certifications, including, for example the Nordic Swan and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®).

Ambitious sustainability agenda

But everything is not perfect yet. By working together with others and challenging ourselves, we have set ambitious targets. One of the targets is to become a fully fossil-free printing works. Until that day, we offer climate compensation for the impact we still contribute to despite our best efforts.

The compensation must however not get in the way of our dedication to reducing CO2 emissions. Climate compensation is not the solution to the climate crisis but verified, and certified projects can support a quick transition towards a clime-smart society.

Agenda 2030

Agenda 2030 – the 17 UN Global Sustainable Development Goals – was approved in 2015 by most world leaders, with the aim to contribute to socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable development. By Wind contributes to these goals to a varying extent.

It’s our ambition to pursue a sustainability agenda that creates value for all stakeholders and thereby also supports the goals of Agenda 2030. Here are the ten goals that we have identified as the most essential to By Wind’s sustainability work.

Key figures and goals

2022 2021 2020 2019
Share, renewable power 100% 100% 100% 100%
Share, transports DHL Send It Green 82% 82% 25% 0%
CO2 eq/t 1017 1017 1177 1202

All our production facilities are supplied with 100% renewable electricity, from own wind turbines, with a guarantee of origin since 2018.

Our objectives for 2025 are:

  1. 20% less direct emissions (CO2 eq/t) compared to 2019
  2. Reduce water consumption, by 25% per produced item compared to 2019
  3. Total phase-out of fossil fuels in our production facilities

Calculate the climate footprint

By Wind is certified according to ClimatCalc. This means that we keep track of and report the annual carbon footprint of our company (raw materials, chemicals, electricity, heat, and freight).

ClimateCalc is also designed to provide accurate information on each printed matter’s climate impact from a life cycle perspective. This means that we can help you to make a prioritized effort to minimize the climate impact.

Read more about ClimateCalc or get in touch with us.

Our certifications

Our sustainability work is documented and audited by independent bodies to ensure full complience with strict standards.

ISO 9001

General quality certification to verify that processes are in place for constant development of quality improvement

ISO 14001

Environmental certification to confirm that routines and processes are in place for reducing the company’s environmental impact

ISO 12647-2 CGP

Certification of graphical production to confirm alignment with industry standards for environmental and quality assurance


FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council® – a certification to show that forestry products can be traced back to environmental, socially, and economically responsible forestry

Nordic Swan

Nordic Swan, the Nordic environmental label to certify that the licensee fulfills specific environment-related criteria


ClimateCalc is a tool for certified users to calculate the carbon footprint of the company and its products. Certificate no. CC-000100/SE

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