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Who we are

By Wind is one of the Nordics' leading quality printing companies, with an ambitious sustainability agenda that makes a difference in practice.

By Wind Group

Two of the most respected Nordic printers have come together. Why the merge? Göteborgstryckeriet in Mölndal counts as the leading high-end printer in the Nordic region. DanagårdLitho in Ödeshög is regarded as one of the most eco-conscious printer in the Nordic region.

The merger gives birth to two new, highly specialized sister companies: quality printers By Wind and packaging specialist GBGT Box. It is a setup that grants both companies the best conditions to focus on their respective expertise and customer value propositions.

Our business areas

We don’t believe that everybody can be best at everything. That is why By Wind has divided its operations into different business areas where our staff are specialists within each area.

Art Printing

When you need printing of a photo book, art book, or any other item with demands on high-quality image printing, we will help you. We have specialist competence in retouch and image processing, and have had numerous close cooperations with prominent photographers and designers over the years.

As one of Sweden’s most respected book printers we have the skills and the technologies that do your pictures full justice. This is Art Printing By Wind.

Commercial Printing

We print company publications with great care and attention to quality – brochures, catalogues, annual reports, or short-run digital print projects. Perfect print helps build a strong brand image.

We use several different technologies for screen and printing to optimize every single production. With us, you can have LED-UV printing, conventional offset, inkjet (water based) or modern HP Indigo technology printing. What process to choose depends on factors such as size of print run and considerations about time and cost. Also ask our advice about the most climate-smart solution.

For quality assurance of the entire production, we have our own bindery and finishing shop that covers all common techniques and services. It gives us quality control along the whole chain. This is Commercial Printing By Wind.

Architecture Printing

We are specialists in producing interiors and decor to make it easy for designers and decorators to create new, sustainable environments.
Remodeling or creating a new interior is easy, using modern graphic techniques. Digital colour management and high-quality materials and inks ensure excellent results. Print your designs directly onto upholstery fabrics, tiles, and wooden or acoustic panels. Decorate a glass surface with film, for artistic or practical purposes. Change room space using back-lit textile walls and ceiling.

We also print big images to convey big experiences. For example facade artwork, tapestry, banners, backdrops, and store displays. And we’ll help you with your displays for trade shows, events, press conferences, sales activities, or other marketing projects. This is Architecture Printing By Wind.

Digital Solutions

Working with us must be easy, convenient, and efficient. With our digital services, we create places, solutions, and efficiency of crucial importance. Our digital tools can administrate, distribute, and adapt your marketing materials the way you prefer. We can create the right ambience with an attractive appearance to communicate, sell, and pass on your products and services. We can digitalize whole chains within purchasing, distribution, production, and financing. To match your requirements, reduce climate impact, and enhance efficiency. This is Digital Solutions By Wind.


By Wind Group also includes our sister company GBGT Box, packaging specialists providing for premium brands. Together, we share a commitment to quality and sustainability.

Visit GBGT Box for ideas and inspiration, see how they can help your company with sustainable, functional, and unique packaging.

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